You are welcome to the website of ICP 2004. The Chinese
       Psychological Society (CPS), a national member of the
       International Union of Psychological Science ( IUPsyS ), is to
       host the 28th International Congress of Psychology in Beijing,
       August 8-13, 2004. This website provides you
       information about Abstracts and Scientific Program. For
       Registration, Reservation & Payment, please click

                                Organized by :

                                Chinese Psychological Society
Under the Auspices of:
                                International Union of Psychological Science 
                                Professional Congress Agency :
                       China International Conference Center for Science and Technology                                           







Contact Person:
Postal  Address: 
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 10A Datun Road, Beijing 100101, People's Republic of China


Program Coordinators:
Call for Papers       Su Li     
Invited Symposia   Yanjie Su
Invited Addresses    Yuhao Sun
Young Psychologist Program  Jianxin Zhang 
Last Updated:   Feb. 28,  2004